Vikki Weaver-Lynch


Vikki is an amateur drifter based in the West Midlands, UK.

She started drifting in a hand-me-down BMW e36 around the time that Covid19 hit in 2021 which made it a struggle to get going as a lot of venues were closed for a long time. Second hand parts were difficult to source for the old e36 and it had never been looked after properly prior to Vikki having it unfortunately, so the following winter 2021/22 Vikki stepped up to a slightly newer e46 which had a few more drift mods and following on from that she caught the bug and decided she needed a roll cage to be able to attend a wider variety of venues and be able to go out on track with others at the same time.

On stripping the sound deadening out of the e46 ready for the cage install in early 2022, the floor fell out and was beyond repair but luck was on her side and on the way home from borrowing a ramp to assess the damage fully, Vikki called in at a local garage where she had been eyeballing a silver e46 sat in the corner for some time. Vikki had luck on her side and they offered to sell her the car for a cheap price and immediately Vikki got it delivered home and started work on stripping it. Unknowingly at the time, this little gem of a 1.8 was eventually to become Vikki’s 614bhp professional competition car!

What started off as a simple engine swap to a 3 litre M54B30 quickly then became a cheap Chinese turbo build which then on sourcing some second hand parts quickly became a Pulsar Turbo build with K64 manifold, full fire suppression system and roll cage, that dyno’d at 414bhp. This enabled Vikki to complete her first competition season at Drift League GB in 2023 with many top 10 placings.

At the end of the season Vikki decided to strip the engine as there had been some intermittent running issues through the season and she built a fully forged engine which dyno’d at 614bhp. This is the car Vikki is competing in for the 2024 season and representing Massimo sporting an exceptional livery design. Vikki has already made a Top 4 finishing this season and is looking forward to the rest of the series. We believe she is one of, if not the first, female drifter worldwide to be running the 8HP conversion setup.

Interesting Fact – Vikki was an ex-international Grand Prix dressage rider until nearing the end of her career where she seamlessly swapped horsepower from 4 legs to the kind with 4 wheels.